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Wes Quave was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in a very small town north of the city called Madisonville.  There, his musical roots of Jazz, R&B, and gospel were sewn, but with the onset of MTV and artists like Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown, his love for Pop music became insatiable.  Wes became infamously known as the DJ who could nail the moonwalk and bring every junior high and high school dance to a total frenzy. The gigs and the money were great for a time, but as with all things, everything has its own season. Work slowed down after graduating from high school, and then it all just stopped. His best friend at the time, Bryann Cole, took him to see Madonna’s documentary ‘Truth or Dare’ -which inspired his own desire for more. So, with only $200 and a pocket full of dreams, Wes left his small town to pursue music in the big city of Los Angeles.  


A few years after landing in LA on a one way ticket and a dream, Wes Quave created a buzz  within the music industry, leading him to be sought after by various A&R Executives and superstar legends Babyface and Michael Jackson. Wes signed a record deal with La Face Records and recorded a solo album.  Though his album was never released, Wes continued to build his brand writing songs for TV, Film, and other artists while traveling the globe to produce and perform for many Fortune 500 companies like Google, IBM, Youtube, and Disney.


Fostering an atmosphere of honor, authenticity, and freedom is paramount. Quave’s passion is to see God manifest His presence here on earth through music, business, and the joy of performance so that people can experience personal revival and breakthrough in their lives.

It’s an honor and a privilege to know God and experience Him, especially through the gift of music, and I just want to love people back to life with it.


Quave’s music has been noted for displaying a wide variety of styles and influences including Pop, Rock, Reggae, R&B/Soul, and Jazz. His vocal styles are soundly rooted in his upbringing in the deep woods of New Orleans. His lyrical approach tends to reflect a carefree and “feel-good" message. However, in his upcoming EP, darker subjects are addressed,  detailing his experience with overcoming his struggle with fear, shame, and destructive behaviors that led to being abused verbally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Jesus loved me back to life, now it’s time for me to tell my story so others can experience that same breakthrough. Fear is my dance floor and I’m going to trample all over it until revival breaks out!

Whether Wes is leading worship in church or hosting a live corporate event, Wes’s prophetic and spontaneous style draws people into an atmosphere of joy and love, carrying everyone to experience freedom from the struggles of life, even if for just a moment.